Monday, July 9, 2012

Giving Thanks for...(901-910)

901. The chance to follow this trip to Haiti via updates and photos. I will always have a soft spot for Haiti. Such a beautiful island filled with unending sorrows.
902. Fresh air through the house last night after days and days of keeping it shut up tight
903. A new (to me) car
904. Pasta salads, fruit, smoothies, lemonade, iced tea, bruschetta, BLTs - easy, cool, summer favorites
905. Our pediatrician, who is always encouraging me and telling me I'm doing a great job
906. That my mom's knee is less painful
907. Echinacea flowers in the garden. They're just so cheery!
908. Jack's love of sharing
909. Adele's mothering skills
910. Our little town's 4th of July spirit

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