Friday, June 29, 2012

Giving Thanks for....(891-900)

WHOA. It's hot, people. It's humid. It was cooler in Florida last weekend. It makes me stick to my car seats and sweat on the trip from the back door to the barn. Hardly conducive to all the outdoor work I want to do. Instead I'm inside counting some more blessings!

891. Window air conditioners for those of us without central air!
892. AC in the car.
893. Cool showers for everyone at the end of the day.
894. Sweet friends and family who open their pools.
895. A weekend away with a friend to a really stellar conference that was both convicting and encouraging.
896. My sister-in-law/old friend's safe arrival back in town
897. The peace and quiet of staying inside during the heat, and the chance to catch up on reading
898.  A great car guy. Not repairman but the one you call when you need a car and he makes it super easy.
899. Rain. When we don't get it, I chide myself for ever complaining when it pours.
900. That the Word of God is always fresh and applicable and alive.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Giving Thanks...(881-890)

81. An easy first dentist appointment for Adele (I've always feared taking my kids there as much as they feared going)
882. Jack sleeping fine in his new bed
883. A new refrigerator! Not fun to pay for, but I love it and am very thankful for it
884. A husband who sets aside a whole Saturday to move rooms all around for my sake
885. Hot Pepper cheese
886. Dahlias
887. The promise of the first few days of summer
888. How much sunshine does for everyone's moods and sleep!
889. Fresh, juicy strawberries
890. The smell of freshly sawed wood