Monday, April 22, 2013

Life randomness

Today is sunshine, pure sunshine. I just came in from an hour or two out in the yard with Jack, cleaning up for springtime and sprucing up a little here, a little there. The log cribs went away; the Adirondacks came out. The grass is almost long enough to mow. And it is so so green! Aaah, fresh air and springtime is good for the soul.

I'm jumped on this a day late, but I'm goin' for it anyway, starting tomorrow: Renae's Detox Week. I love that it isn't crazy and is very comprehensive. Join up, pals! I eat pretty clean and healthy anyway so it doesn't even involve any extra groceries (which is good, but I went to Meijer and THEN read the post). Actually, I take that back: I have no almond or soy milk. But since I'm an official milk-hater, it's all good. (My medical records at my doctor's office say it officially: "Milk-Hater." My doc is a little quirky.)

I officially love doing laundry. I love sorting, loading, switching...and then it's so warm and smells so good afterward. And the best part is folding it all. Beautiful piles of white tee shirts, little piles of underpants and pink socks, kid-sized jeans with scuff marks on the knees...I just love being able to take care of these people in my home through all these neat piles of warm, clean clothes that God has blessed us with!

May is suddenly the new December - we have something going on every single weekend that month already, and I want to say No to it all (except for our anniversary and Jack's birthday, of course). Sigh.

 "There is not one blade of grass, not one color in the world, that is not intended to make us rejoice." 
(John Calvin)

Monday, April 8, 2013


991. The beauty of companionship within a marriage
992. Adele's bravery in mastering her bike without training wheels

993. Antibiotics
994. Sunshine, glorious sunshine, after a long, cold, dark winter
995. Knowing God's presence more keenly is certain situations of life
996. Waves and ripples - and no ice! - on all the inland lakes around here
997. Spring rain falling on our freshly tilled garden

998. Time at home to play, hang out, run around, just be together ... instead of school, play dates, meetings, etc. It's so good for our little family to just be together at home.
999. Whoever writes the BSF notes and study questions
1,000. Ann Voskamp for the idea to do this! My outlook has expanded during the past couple of years, especially early on when my children were small and we were at home all day, most days, and I really think that looking for blessings in the everyday grind was crucial to that. Gratitude brought sanity because it directed my eyes upward and outward instead of inward.