Monday, April 8, 2013


991. The beauty of companionship within a marriage
992. Adele's bravery in mastering her bike without training wheels

993. Antibiotics
994. Sunshine, glorious sunshine, after a long, cold, dark winter
995. Knowing God's presence more keenly is certain situations of life
996. Waves and ripples - and no ice! - on all the inland lakes around here
997. Spring rain falling on our freshly tilled garden

998. Time at home to play, hang out, run around, just be together ... instead of school, play dates, meetings, etc. It's so good for our little family to just be together at home.
999. Whoever writes the BSF notes and study questions
1,000. Ann Voskamp for the idea to do this! My outlook has expanded during the past couple of years, especially early on when my children were small and we were at home all day, most days, and I really think that looking for blessings in the everyday grind was crucial to that. Gratitude brought sanity because it directed my eyes upward and outward instead of inward.


  1. Well, my first comment never made it on here mysteriously!
    I congratulated you on finishing. You've inspired me to resurrect my own list -- I think I only made it to 400?
    And a hearty AMEN to companionship in marriage. I used to snort (in my head) at girls who would say "My husband is my best friend" because I always thought that the lover/romance aspect should reign supreme. How delighted I am to be wrong; that you can have both quite successfully in a marriage. :)

  2. Yay for Sweet Adele mastering her bike! Love the shot of Dan and Jack, so cute!