Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Linky Love

I take issue with the Internet and social media a lot; just ask anyone who has heard my rant. It's more about the time it sucks up and the influence it has. But obviously there is great stuff out there that I wouldn't have found anywhere else! This week, I found some really brilliant posts to learn from as a mom. They're all pretty I hope you have a nice iced coffee or something by your side. But please enjoy - and let me know what you think!

1. After reading this, I felt very compelled to shift (radically shift!) some visions and dreams I have for my kids.

2. And then I saw a link from Ann Voskamp over to here; this is still percolating in my mind days later

3.  This post made me again rethink the way I envision the years ahead before my kids are grown.

4. Perhaps you know me and my obsession for trying more and more healthy cooking and having my kids eat it all? :) Here's some back-up! I want to check the book out at the library soon.

5. Sometimes when I think ahead twenty years, I wonder about a lot.... So I really liked this one! (HT: The Flourishing Mother)

 Happy Weekend!

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