Monday, April 30, 2012

Giving Thanks for...(831-840)

831. Rest when you really, really need it
832. Little boys who love their mamas
833. Good news
834. The sudden chance to go away to England for the weekend with Dan - perfectly timed with our anniversary!
835. Rainy Saturdays (much less pressure to "get stuff done")
836. Colorful pansy beds
837. Group discussions about faith, God, humanity, culture
838. The smell of freshly mowed lawns up the road
839. Finding dozens of colored pictures all over the house with "Adele loves Mama" written at the bottoms
840. Farmer's markets and farm stands opening up


  1. 1) I would *adore* to somehow find back the feeling of not having to do stuff on Saturdays. Why do we feel that way? It's not as though we spend our weekdays sitting around doing nothing!
    2) I love the way little boys love their mamas. I'm so thankful God gave me one!

  2. "England for the weekend"!?! How cool is that? I love all the signs of spring in your list.