Monday, April 2, 2012

Giving Thanks for...(801-810)

801. Spring Break - this is the first year it has affected our family, really. Fun so far! No early morning runs....
802. The green hue in the woods across the street
803. A healthy recovery for my aunt, who has had a bad run of it lately
804. A car repair bill that came in LESS than we anticipated
805. Free boxes of kids' books
806. When dinners cover more than one night so that your menu lasts a week and a half!
807. This song for Easter (thanks, Kara, for the introduction!)
808. Relearning old lessons, and God's patience in teaching them
809. A marriage that holds great friendship with it
810. The first 4 rows of greens up in garden


  1. I love that Matt Maher song - just beautiful & so fitting...

    And always love your "Giving thanks" lists - makes me feel like I'm kinda there! :)

  2. Our worship band sang "Christ is Risen" at the Easter service last year and I just bawled like a baby. So powerful!

    Love your line item about marriage and friendship. Beautimous! :)