Monday, April 16, 2012

Giving Thanks...(811-830)

My blog is all messed up lately, so I have to catch here while I can actually post!

811. Rain this past weekend
812. Our wisteria in full bloom, with the smell wafting in the back door
813. Hearing wind, rain, and thunder during the night, while we're safe and tucked in our beds
814. A dozer right outside the window for Jack to watch all day!
815. Reading Narnia books aloud
816. Finding live plants growing on our compost pile
817. Pictures of Adele and Dan working in the garden taken by our neighbor, a photographer
818. Re-reading A.W. Tozer and finding all the gems again
819. Short business trip for Dan this week instead of a long one
820. Developing friendships with my parents
821. My book club group - all lovely ladies who enjoy lively discussion!
822. When you get to see or hear about a growth moment in a friend's life
823. Being able to get back into exercising after my back issues
824. The promise of sprouts in the garden
825. Fresh asparagus and morel mushrooms from my in-laws, all saute-ed together into yumminess
826. All the dark, dark dirt in the fields around us, freshly plowed and ready for planting
827. A party at a friend's house tonight, and her daughter as a babysitter, while Dan is away
828. When a conversation really clicks with Adele - I can see her understanding what's important and what's the right thing to do
829. IKEA! Yea for cheap stuff. :)
830. The peace of minimizing and downsizing

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  1. I love these lists, I can imagine your lives right now through them! You have a beautiful blessed life...