Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jack!

To my little guy who is turning 3,

Your mama wants you to slow down just a bit. 

Otherwise, soon you won't love giving kisses. You won't pat my face and whisper, "Hi Mama" while your sister says her bedtime prayers. You won't plop down next to your daddy and say, "Let's visit!". You won't call them "underalls," "hydrant fires," or "cob on the corn." You might not yell instead of talk, and put full passion into everything you do. You won't say "Thanks, Mom!" when I buy the most basic of groceries. You won't be so excited that you were "a nice boy!!!" at church or a concert or any other quiet situation. You might not be as mournfully, truly repentant when you've been naughty.

So, sure, someday soon you might not flood the bathroom, wear diapers, eat giraffe food at the zoo, or tantrum like it's nobody's business, but I'll sure miss this adorable side of you.  


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