Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Giving Thanks...(861-870)

861. Playdates that make me socialize with other moms (not something I naturally do)
862. Glorious late spring sunshine, which means spending every waking hour outside
863. The last day of preschool 
864. Baby birds in the nests around the house - lots of peeping, clucking, and ruffling going on. Can you see the babies peeking out?
865. Jack's happy, healthy third birthday
866. Adele's ballet recital - she sure loves the costumes and the lipstick!

867. The times when Adele and Jack love each other's company

868. Bedtime book reading

869.  Salad straight from the garden
870. The rainbow of colors at the garden shop's flowerland

1 comment:

  1. Jack looks so serious next to you all suited up! It's the fun age where imagination takes off and role-playing provides hours of fun. Happy birthday to the little man! I laughed when I read about moving furniture to get a new look...I do that too all the time! Darryl has learned not to complain :)