Monday, March 5, 2012

Giving Thanks for...(771-780)

771. How a bad back forces me to literally slow down and let unimportant things go already.
772. Finding a stack of old bookmarks from when I was young
773. Friends we can call to say "We're coming over" without concern that they're tidying up or changing their clothes for us.
774. Adele's storytelling: bears, wolves, princesses in distress, etc. Some things never change, no matter what generation we're talking about!
775. Smart family members. My brother and my brother-in-law both published books in 2011!
776. Quiet Saturday nights in front of the fireplace, planning my grocery list, menus, to-do list, etc.
777. Our dog. I yell at him a lot because he stinks most of the time and is usually in the way (a 110-lb. impediment to my scurrying), but he's so lovely to our kids and he makes me feel safe when Dan is gone.
778. Finding a old notebook of favorite quotes
779. Tulip buds poking through an inch of snow
780. The chance for Jack to watch a house being built across the street! It's a great distraction for him.

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