Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Randomness

  • Do you remember a few months back when I said I thought people at a work function had a hard time talking to stay-at-home moms? Well, I found these two cool links to share:
    what not to say to a stay-at-home mom, and what not to say to a working mom. Let me know what you think!
  • I got a new camera. I'm stoked about it but it's going to take me awhile to figure it all out. Just in time for the kids' birthdays, I hope. Speaking of, I feel a bit bad because the one thing that Adele keeps saying she would like for her birthday is NOT the thing we got her. Hmm.
  • Do any of you Groupon? I'm a Groupon junkie. I'm kind of over Zulily, since the shipping usually ends up being pretty significant if you're just grabbing 1 or 2 cheap things.
  • This post is a new favorite of mine. We have a Nook, which is great for trying new books, but there's nothing like a "book-book."
  • Do any of you ever have the weird feeling that you're spending much of life waiting to arrive, but you haven't a clue where that might be? LinkI used to really struggle with that - I felt like I was being discontent. This post said it all really well.
  • I saw two robins yesterday! Welcome, spring.


  1. Oh, my word. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read some of those working mom ones. The one about the husband leaving??? Wow. I can't imagine having the audacity to say that to someone!!! I also cracked up at the SAHM one about the husband giving her an allowance. Such tainted views of marriage on both counts!

    I really liked the article on feeling at peace with where you are in the world/life. When I was thinking about the two different mom types, I thought about the saying "the grass is always greener where you water it..." and then she referenced it in that article! I struggle a lot with being content with the now and what's going on. I guess I always figured maybe not that I had a problem with contentment, so much as COMMITMENT. I like for life to be changing. I get bored easily. I've never been one to thrive on routine and that's probably why God has me as a working mom. Outside of the 8-4 requirement, I don't really have to follow a schedule. I wouldn't thrive at home where I would need to provide a solid routine for my kids. I just wouldn't do it well.

    In fact, that's pretty much how I knew I could/wanted to marry Clint. He was the first guy who didn't bore me after 15 minutes of talking with him. (That and we were in love, etc...! ha!)

    The three articles coincide for me. Good food for thought and I like the perspective that we shouldn't feel settled on this earth. Makes lots of sense to me.

  2. Amy - Yes, I think that's exactly it - I can pretty much deal with whatever, but doing whatever long-term?? That's so much harder for me, too.
    Kudos to Clint for being so interesting! :)