Monday, August 27, 2012

Giving Thanks for...(941-950)

941. A sunny last week before school
942. A spontaneous day at the zoo that was wonderful fun
943. A principle I just "got" over the weekend - one of those moments when you feel your mind and soul grow, even just an inch - and it's humbling and so encouraging to know once again that God is there and He is working.
944. Jack's soft heart. He may be bombastic, loud, and incredibly unfocused, but he has such a soft spot that he burst into tears tonight for Blue when Blue got reprimanded for snatching food off the table. Jack, though tears: "Next time, Mom, will you just say it nicely and say 'Blue, please do not eat the food from the table'?"
945. Adele being excited for kindergarten. I'm sure this was on my list another time in the past few weeks, but I'm really thankful that she isn't feeling timid about it or I'd be a mess. It's hard enough.
946. The first wide-open Saturday we've had in months. It was great to do whatever we wanted.
947. The days Dan gets home earlier than expected
948. Piles of clean laundry. I love doing laundry. There's something therapeutic about it for me.
949. The series "Foyle's War," enjoyed in the evenings
950. Updating baby books

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  1. #948 Maybe you enjoy it because your piles of laundry are actually clean... whereas MY piles of laundry? Not so much...

    How cute of Jack. He reminds me so much of Annie. Your descriptions of him are her to a "T." Nice to see those tender touches come out, isn't it? :)