Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giving Thanks for...(761-770)

761. Beautiful sunshine today
762. A 95% finished bathroom project! Yea!
763. That Dan and his job fit each other. That's a real blessing, as I'm sure anyone who doesn't have it can attest.
764. Overseas packages
765. New friendships for my kids
766. Slumber parties in front of the fireplace. We popped popcorn, the kids slept in sleeping bags and Dan & I on the air mattress...we all had fun. Even Blue. See how Jack shared his sleeping back with him? (excuse the phone camera shot at night...)
767. Reading aloud to my kids the same books my parents read aloud to me
768. March being only a day and a half away. We're over the hump, people!
769. Pictures colored with love by Adele and given to me with great ceremony
770. the Lord helping us through some stressful situations of late

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