Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Giving Thanks for...(741-750)

Better late than never!

741. Fresh coats of paint
742. The rainbows of colors at the paint store
743. Valentine's lunch with homemade decorations
744. People in waiting rooms who are happy to chat with our kids or listen to their high-volume chatter
745. Seat warmers
746. the grace of God that allows me (some days) to be happy and positive when Dan gets home, not always out of patience and energy
747. My mother's undying interest in what is going on around the world. I can always rely on her to keep me updated. Several times a week, I hear, "I was reading a Wall Street Journal article the other day and...."
748. A return to the peace and quiet of a fresh snowfall
749. Both kids being back to healthy and sleeping well again
750. Our house. I used to be irritated at so many things (no storage, etc.) but many of them are turning out to be blessings in disguise (with very little storage, I'm forced to pare down everything, which makes life so much easier!)

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