Thursday, October 4, 2012

Giving Thanks...(951-960)

951. Weekends away as a family
952. The colors of fall and how they cheer my heart
953. That it worked out for my schedule to join a women's Bible study
954. Cozy socks and cardigans
955. That feminine clothes are back in style for females! Go figure.
956. God's faithfulness to me whenever Dan travels for work
957. That our neighbors finally can live in their house again (fire last year)
958. Sunny breezes blowing red leaves around the yard
959. Jack's Bible group at BSF and how much they teach him in 2 hours. Ain't no nursery!
960. That Adele handles getting up early so well.


  1. Probably weird that "cozy socks and cardigans" takes me right back to high school...


  2. Apparently my wardrobe is outdated, Amos...good to know! :)